Finding Ways Through Sanatan Dharma


“India created the form in which numbers are used today. It got transported to Arab world then to Europe who called them Arabic numbers. And now Indians call them Arabic numerals.  We have to wait for USA to change the terminology. … Continue Reading →

Why do we worship?

God the Almighty created this vast universe, the observable universe is about 28 billion parsecs (91 billion light-years) in time. He created atom, proton, electron and many elementary particle having a very minute diameter of  10-13– 10-15 meters. He created life on earth… Continue Reading →

Quantum entangled with Vedanta

Ever looked up at the sky and wondered where we really exist in this great grand universe. You are not alone and are not really the first one who has thought about it. Since time immemorial the human race has… Continue Reading →

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